Veterinary Assistant

Courtney has a passion for animals and started her veterinary career in 2018 after leaving the corporate world to follow her dreams. She joined Lifetime Veterinary Center in August of 2019 and has become an essential part of our team.

Courtney is a native of Pennsylvania and moved to Florida with her family. She is a graduate of Lasalle and Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science.

Courtney’s favorite part of veterinary medicine is giving hugs and kisses to all the animals she has the pleasure of caring for.

Courtney has two fur kids, Bob and Saul. Bob is a tuxedo cat she adopted from an animal shelter she was volunteering at. He is very spoiled, loves treats, and loves snuggling at night. Saul is an extraordinary two-year-old yellow lab mix whom she rescued while volunteering with an organization in China that saves dogs from the meat market. Saul was very neglected and is a canine distemper survivor. He has lasting neurologic damage, but with specialized care and lots of love from Courtney, he is a very happy and thriving boy.

In her spare time, Courtney loves training and competitively showing horses.